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Holiday Eye Care

Holiday Eye Care


UV damage is progressive. If you brush off wearing sunglasses outdoors, your eyes are at risk for developing conditions such as cataracts, macular degeneration and pinguecula which is the thickening of the white part of the eyes. Here are a few tips on how you can properly take care of your eyes this summer:

Wear your goggles. Not only do they help you see better underwater, they also help your eyes from getting irritated from all the chlorine and all the other chemicals present in the water.

Throw your contacts after swimming. Sure, you can wear your contacts in the pool, but you don’t want to wear them again after. Bacteria can stick to your contact lenses because they’re moist on the surface. Your contact solution will kill most bacteria, but it won’t kill all the germs your contacts have accumulated in the pool. Make sure you’re wearing the daily type or a pair that you don’t mind throwing away.

Wear your sunglasses even when it’s cloudy out. Sunlight may be most intense mid-day, but because of the direct angle of incoming light, your eyes can be vulnerable to harmful UV light at dawn and dusk. Always remember that water, sand and snow can reflect sunlight to your eyes, so always wear a pair of sunglasses with your hat!

Wear protective eyewear when doing outdoor work like mowing the lawn and when playing sports. Consider protective eyewear when you are in an environment that puts your eyes at risk for accidents or objects possibly going inside your eye.

Stay Hydrated. Hydration is so important as people are more likely to become dehydrated in the summer. Drinking plenty of water every day can prevent many of the negative effects of dehydration like dry eyes.