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4 Common Beauty Myths

The internet isn’t the most trustworthy place to find advice on beauty advice, whether due to ignorance or malicious intent, people spread false rumors all the time. Here are a few you might’ve read about in the past, and the real truth behind them:

Will Shaving My Body Hair Cause It To Grow Back Even Thicker?

While this might seem like something you notice over a long period of time, it’s usually not exactly how it works. When hair grows back, it’s (obviously) shorter, but it’s also more stubbly, which makes it seem “thicker” when in reality, it’s just a trick to the eyes.

Wearing Makeup Everyday Can Be Harmful To Your Skin

This sounds plausible enough to be right, but generally your skin doesn’t get worse due to continued use of skin products, especially nowadays where all makeup products have to go through rigorous safety testing to be able to be sold.

What you really should look out for, is not washing the makeup off at the end of the day, and then sleeping in it, which may cause damage over time due to extended use past it’s intended time-of-use.

Changing Shampoos Occasionally To Prevent It Getting Accustomed To Your Hair

Variety is the spice of life, and while it’s nice to change things up occasionally, your hair cannot become “accustomed” to your shampoo through continual use, and thus become ineffective. The cause of this is usually due to a build-up of other products in your hair from various sources like hairspray, oils, and other serums. Clarifying Shampoos are the solution to this kind of problem.

Everyone Outgrows Acne Eventually

While acne might seem like a thing that’s only common in teenagers, it’s still a problem for adults throughout their life, and the methods and products used for keeping it under control remain the same.

As well as this, there is no research that makeup use causes acne, however as mentioned above, not removing your makeup properly and sleeping in it may increase your chances of being affected by acne.