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4 MORE Common Beauty Myths

There are just so many falsehoods flying left and right on the internet that we had to do another one!

Tanning Beds Are Safer Than Tanning Outside

While it might seem like artificially tanning your skin through tanning beds are a better alternative than baking in the sun all day, it turns out that they are actually just as bad, or even worse for your skin!

Many experts believe that the prevalence of tanning beds are the cause for an increase in melanoma throughout recent years. Self-tanner still remains the only way to safely tan yourself without causing potential damage to your skin and body.

You Should Buy All Makeup From The Same Brand

While it might sound logical to stick to one brand only, researchers have noted that most skincare products are extremely similar, and mixing and matching will have virtually no difference on your appearance between the two.

This is a mentality that’s pushed in marketing to convince people to buy more than just one of that company’s products, and for them to stay “loyal” to their brand.

Waxing Causes Hair To Grow Back Thinner

In contrast to the previous article’s myth, waxing is generally seen as a way to easily reduce hair growth overall by both removing the hair, as well as the hair follicle.

However, the “thinning” you experience is only short-term, and over the course of a few months, the hair will be just as thick as it was before you waxed. Only through electrolysis and laser hair removal can hair be permanently thinned or reduced.

Using Any Oil Products On Oily Skin Is Bad

The reality to this myth, is that your skin is actually very reactive of it’s current condition, and it will naturally produce less, or more oil depending on whether it needs it. If you use oily products on oily skin, your skin will just produce less oil, resulting in a similar appearance either way.