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Blue eye looking wideways

Astigmatism: A Guide

Astigmatism is generally regarded as the most misinterpreted vision issue for people. You might have it yourself, but not notice since it exists at many different levels, affecting people at various scales of severity...

Young man sitting in a dark room filled with music equipment in a chair in front of an ultrawide computer screen.

What is Blue Light?

You might’ve heard some people or articles discussing “Blue Light” and the impact it has on our vision. But what exactly is blue light, and how does it really affect us? What exactly is “Blue...

Blue eye looking forward with circled and numbers and letters covering it to give a digital effect

LASIK: Is It Right For You?

You might’ve heard more and more about LASIK in recent months as it’s become a very popular method of corrective laser eye surgery recently. But you do you really know what it’s all about, and can it...

Young child wearing glasses sitting cross-legged in front of a tree with a book in front of her looking at the camera

Does Your Child Need An Eye Exam?

Early childhood is one of the most crucial times in a child’s development, as the foundation of their knowledge and understanding of the world are formed here. It is around this time that any issues that may...