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When Your Child Needs Braces

As a child, braces were a huge inconvenience for both me and my parents, for various reasons. The expenses were ridiculous and it was pretty uncomfortable for several years. Yet, when I look back on my experiences, I’m thankful that my parents gave me the opportunity to improve my smile.

You might have been recommended to an orthodontist during a check-up, but you might not know when you should go through with it, as well as some of the must-knows of dealing with braces.

 What Age Is Best For Getting Braces

Depending on your child’s growth, the optimal age for braces is usually around 10-14 years, with some exceptions where the child gets them even younger, around 9, depending on the state of their teeth.

Though this is the recommended age, children should go to their first orthodontist visit once their permanent teeth start coming in, which usually happens around age 7.

Doesn’t Cleaning Teeth Become A Huge Hassle With Braces?

Traditionally, yes, braces do complicate the cleaning process for their teeth, however, a number of innovative products developed over the years have made these struggles minimal:

Flossing: Recently developed “Water Flossers” have made the traditional method of flossing with string a thing of the past, and have brought a new level of comfort and ease to cleaning, especially those with braces who usually have great struggles with cleaning through the braces wires.

How Can I Ease My Child’s Discomfort With Their Braces?

Your orthodontist should provide you with some wax that can be applied to any rough areas of the braces that may cause discomfort. The first few weeks are easily the most frustrating time for the child, as their gums have not yet adjusted to the additional material sticking to their teeth. As well as this, additional discomfort may come from adjustments made to the braces during a regular check-up from the orthodontist, be sure to use the appropriate painkillers in order to soothe their discomfort.

I completely understand the difficulties that you may be approaching as you decide whether to get braces for your child, or ones that they currently have, but the smile at the end of the road will be one worth the journey taken.